A Great Twist in the Bumbling – FRANCESCO Antonio Ferraro was in the Royal Army of King Ferdinand IV

There has been a thickening of the Ferraro plot upon the curious and research-provoking discovery of a new record. This is a follow-up to this written last week because he wasn’t Antonio Ferraro, he was Francesco Antonio Ferraro.


In 1824 Marcianise, Terra di Lavoro, Filippo Ferraro, Angelo Ferraro’s older brother, was born to Angela Maria De Cave, not Delle Cave, and the man that went by the name of Francesco Antonio Ferraro.


Filippo’s birth record

Francesco Antonio Ferraro stated he was 26, living in Marcianise, and at the time of Filippo’s birth was by profession Soldato del Terzo Cacciatori (Soldier of the 3rd Hunters). This is in fact the correct Filippo Ferraro because, on the second page of his birth record, the Cancelliere di Marcianise added a notation detailing his third marriage to Mationa Vitale in San Prisco to this original record.


Fanteria Leggera, Battaglioni Cacciatori Campani, Terzo

Now he goes from plain Antonio, the hired hand, to Francesco Antonio, soldier. Before 3 x great grandfather Francesco Antonio Ferraro moved to San Prisco and became a hired hand, he was in the Royal Army of an Austrian controlled Bourbon ruler, King Ferdinand IV of Naples as part of the Fanteria Leggera, Battaglioni Cacciatori Campani, Terzo or Light infantry, Campanian Hunters Battalion, 3rd Division. Royal armies at that time in Italy weren’t built from mandatory drafts. Those came in 1862 when his son Angelo joined the cavalry. Ferdinand’s new larger army was formed after he regained his crown in 1815 and when he combined Southern Italy and Sicily into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It was made up of 57,000 men. 52 battalions of infantry made up 47,000 soldiers. 24 squadrons of cavalry made up of 4,800 cavalieri. Lastly, 5,000 men making up the artillery. (The italicized information was loosely gathered and translated from an Italian website obtained through google.)


King Ferdinand’s Soldier’s Uniform from the early 1820s 

If Francesco Antonio Ferraro served from around 1818-1824 (making him age 20 to 26) he MAY have been involved in an 1820 military revolt in Naples against the Bourbon rule which was completely controlled by Austria. Or he MAY have been part of the Campani troops that were used to put down a Sicilian revolt for independence in 1820. Again, google was a friend here because, we do not have any military documents from Italy on Francesco Antonio Ferraro.

So Francesco Antonio Ferraro was in the Royal Army as was his son Capitano Angelo Ferraro as was his son Carmine Ferraro. Was Francesco Antonio Ferraro’s father also involved in the military?

How do you get a military record as old as at least 1824 from Campania? Where did Francesco Antonio marry? Marcianise?

Maybe…but now I must add a stack of Leies, Lais, Leis, Lays, Leys, and Leys into the tree, find information about Fritz Eckebrecht’s mother, locate Louis Kirsch’s origins in Germany, add another 100 ancestors into the Abruzzo tree, and research a Mistress of the Foundling Wheel.