SOLVED! Filomena’s Headstone Is…

Mount Calvary Cemetery records in Columbus, Ohio relate that there are two headstones for Filomena Napolitano in their cemetery.  The newer, larger headstone pictured here is her headstone.  The slab stone 7 rows away has another un-related person buried underneath it…

They have no explanation for what happened.



On this day in 1895 in Case Bruciate…


On this day in 1895, in Case Bruciate, at 3:15 in the afternoon….

Great Grandfather Cesidio Marcella was born.

I present to you the birth record of Cesidio Marcella from the Archivio di Stato di Pescara:

Numero Venti, 1895 Nati Farindola, Teramo (Pescara);  Marcella, Cesidio p. 1
Marcella, Cesidio p. 2

Translating –

Number 20:

The year 1895, day 13, of February at the 11th hour, in the municipal house.

In front of me Paolo Colaiezzi Assessiore Augiano, Civil State Official of the Comune of Farindola, there appears Maria Giuseppa Marcella, of 48 years, midwife, living in Farindola, that admits to me that on the 15th hour, in the 15th minute, of the 11th day of the current month, in house address Casa Bruciate, number (blank), to Elisabetta Russi (Rossi) wife of Filippo Marcella, with whom she resides.

There was born a baby of the masculine sex that she presents to me and who has been named Cesidio.

To the above in this document were present the witnesses Angelo Ferromossa, of 38 years, tailor, and Quirico Cirone, of 52 years, contadino, both residents of this commune.

The registrant announced that the birth above is provided by the aforementioned, explained in the action that the husband of Russi (Rossi) is ill.

The act has been read to all that are present, because the attendees are illiterate, under signed by:

(P Colaiezzi)


In the Margin:  Addition to record – day 7/1/1980, died in Chester USA, act no. 1, (atto di morte Farindola 1981) Pescara, 7/12/1983, signed the Cancelliere of Farindola.





Two Headstones in the Same Cemetery? What?

The other day I was contacted by the Find-A-Grave volunteer who photographed Great Great grandmother Filomena Napolitano’s headstone a couple of months ago.  She related that she had found another headstone for a lady with the same name, same dates, in the same cemetery 7 rows away in the single plot area.  This newer headstone is nicer than the flat stone.  She put it on Find-A-Grave and it can be seen here with the rest of her memorial and the other headstone.

Headstone #2, 7 rows away from the flat headstone


Mt. Calvary Cemetery will need to be contacted.  It is the oldest Catholic cemetery in Columbus, known for its section for priests, and they should have kept great records.