Twelve Months of My Family Tree in Print ~ October

Happy Dia de Los Muertos! What a good day to publish a post on my ancestors.

For the month of October, there are two deaths to report and the honoring of a World War I veteran of the Italian Army.

In early October, my immigrant second great grandfather Angelo Ferraro passed away in Warren, Ohio. I have his obituary from the Trumbull County Public Library. Unfortunately, I don’t know the date of publication or in which newspaper it appeared. He passed away on October 10, 1926. Below is his obituary.

Next, we have a death notice for my great grandfather Alexander Leies, a son of German immigrants, which appeared in the Chicago Tribune on page 31 on October 27, 1939.

Finally, there is good news, as my immigrant great grandfather Cesidio Marcella received recognition for his service in the Italian army during World War I. An article regarding his medals and his family appeared in the Delaware County Times on October 27, 1971.

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Correction and Follow-up to the Life of My Immigrant Second Great Grandfather, Louis F. Kirsch

Last year, during my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks journey, for the entry on an ancestor I’d like to meet, I wrote that I would like to meet Louis F. Kirsch, and I still would, very much so.

That previous entry can be found here: 2019 Entry.

While Louis Kirsch, my ancestor, was unemployed for a huge chunk of 1909, the Louis Kirsch in the newspaper articles had a brother named Philip.

I found no proof my Louis had a brother named Philip. Further, the Louis Kirsch and Philip Kirsch named in news articles that worked for Mike the Pike Heitler, continued to work for him after my Louis died in 1925.

Additionally, after Mike the Pike was killed by a Capone associate, Louis Kirsch and Philip Kirsch engaged in gang warfare in Gary, Indiana almost a decade after my Louis Kirsch died.

I’d still love to see a picture of my Louis, but please delete any article about this bad guy Louis Kirsch from my Louis Kirsch out of your trees. It is a pain I know. They weren’t the same man thank goodness!

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12 Months of My Family Tree in Print ~ August and Early September

September and October were busy months for my family tree in the news. Next month I will combine more September and October, concentrating mostly on one individual.

Back in August 1925, my second great grandfather’s death notice appeared somewhere in the Chicago Tribune. We have the original newspaper clipping where it stated Louis F. Kirsch had passed away and that his funeral and burial were held. His daughter’s married name was spelled incorrectly. It should be Ferraro. Next month we explore articles pertaining to a Louis Kirsch in Chicago.

Now on to an unrelated branch, we have an August 30, 1968 clipping, reporting local casualties of the Vietnam War on page 33 of the Daily Chronicle. My mother’s third cousin, Sergeant Glenn C. Stromback, a descendant of Johann Schuttler and Louisa Gerbing, was among the names listed. He served with Company B, 1st Batallion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 198th Infantry Brigade of the United States Army. Sergeant Stromback died of wounds received from small gun fire on the ground on August 25, 1968 in Quang Ngai Province.

On September 10, 1968, on page 33 of the Chicago Tribune, his death notice was published.

Sergeant Stromback received The Purple Heart. He is on the Vietnam War Memorial and photos of him appear on and the VMF Wall of Faces where friends have left him remembrances. A hero.

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12 Months of My Family Tree in Print – July

This month features a piece of ephemera from Bronx, New York, a marriage announcement from Wooster, Ohio, a grim reminder of the worst American air pollution disaster in history, and the announcement of the dissolution of a social club outside of Philadelphia.

The July 3, 1895 marriage of my great grandparents Alexander Leies and Caroline Eckebrecht was announced in the Wooster Daily Record during the second week of July in 1895.  Unfortunately, I do not know the date this was printed in the publication.  They were married in Canton, Ohio.

Wooster Daily Record, second week of July, 1895

On July 14, 1977, my immigrant great uncle Albert’s name appeared in the legal section of the Delaware County Times.  He was the Secretary of the American-Italian Social Club of Upper Chichester Township that was voluntarily dissolving.

The Delaware County Times, July 14, 1977

We have a program saved from my immigrant great grandfather Carmen Ferraro.  He was taking part in a “patriotic rally” to be held at O’Hara’s Hall in Bedford Park on July 23, 2917.  This is the only surviving page of the program.


On July 31, 1970, our illustrious cousin once removed Dr. Antonio Ciocco was mentioned in the Connellsville Daily Courier on the anniversary of the release of a report regarding the worst air pollution tragedy in American history, the Donora Smog.  Antonio and other members of the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health studied the causes of the tragedy.  Clean air movements followed the tragedy, and eventually, the Clean Air Act of 1963 was enacted.  Antonio was my great grandfather Carmen Ferraro’s nephew.

Connellsville Daily Courier, July 21, 1970.  


Sadly, the current administration has gutted the act and used the current pandemic and race war as a distraction to further weaken air pollution rules.  

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12 Months of My Family Tree in Print – June

This month, the following news bits relate to my family in the old papers:

On June 5, 1924, my immigrant great grandfather Carmen (Carmine) Ferraro appeared in what may be a Brooklyn English-language newspaper.  The name of the paper has crumbled off with age.  Carmen, as general manager and artistic director of the National Grand Opera Association, Inc., conducted a performance of Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor.


Carmen’s “international” travel bureau was advertised in The Chicago Tribune on June 22, 1930.


My immigrant great great grandfather Johann (John) Leies appeared in the marriage license announcements section of The Chicago Tribune on June 23, 1896 when he obtained a license to marry his second wife, Caroline Sickel, after my immigrant great great grandmother Emilia Bold had passed.  Their ages are listed in the column to the right.


On June 28, 1910, my immigrant great great grandfather Angelo Ferraro’s name appeared as an incorporator in The Chicago Tribune with his son-in-law Angelo Scarnecchia and Arturo Cinquini.  I am not familiar with Arturo or his relationship to my family.  That is something to research.  If I found out anything I will let you know!

Their new corporation was named The Italo-American Forwarding Company and would apparently deal in insurance and brokerage.  Does this mean Angelo was living in Chicago?  Maybe.  I cannot locate him on the 1910 Census.  At this time his son Carmen’s profession was listed as fruit broker on the 1910 census and was fruit merchant on his 1910 Naturalization application.


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The 1817 Typhus Outbreak and Famine of Abruzzo and My Family Tree – Part 4 ~ Antonio Chiarella, Age 71

My sixth great grandfather Antonio Chiarella was born around 1746 in Penne, Abruzzo to Michele Chiarella and Anna Chiara Colangeli* and died in early May of 1817 in Farindola, likely from typhus.

I know very little about him.  He is considered “new” to my tree, because I have only recently found him.  He is the only smith I have found to date on my paternal side.  His address is listed as Fonte Marotta in Farindola on at least two records.

His wife was from Farindola and was named Laura Marzola.  Her death record implies she was significantly older than Antonio, close to 20 years older.  It makes you wonder if Antonio’s age or Laura’s age was incorrect on civil records.  Laura passed in 1813 and her husband was the first person listed on the record giving testimony about the death.

Antonio had at least two children.  (There may be more I have not yet located.) So far I have found son Bernardo, and daughter Maria, who was my 5th great grandmother.  Antonio’s children were already starting their own families when he passed on May 9, 1817.

Bernardo was a smith like his father and married Beatrice Falconetti.

Maria was born around 1776 in Penne according to her death record.  She is also one of the midwives in my tree.  She married Sabatino Di Massimo.  One of their sons, named Serafino Vincenzo, married a lacemaker from Montebello di Bertona named Angela Maria Cecilia Colangeli*, making them the great grandparents of my great grandmother Luigia Maria Massei.

* I have many Colangelis in my tree.  They don’t seem to be closely related to each other.

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1809 Farindola Matrimoni

1809 Farindola Matrimoni (Marriages) via Antenati


1. May 14, Salvatore D’Angelo, contadino, 24
Figlio di Vincenzo D’Angelo and Maria Capitanio
Marries Angela Rubina, 23
Figlia di Giovanni Nostrianni and Alesandrina Cardone
Test: Berardino Cirone, Vincenzo Carusi*

2. May 25, Massimo Antonio Nostriani, contadino, 25
Figlio di Michele Nostriani, Teresiana Cardone
Marries Rosalina di Bartolomeo, 22
Figlia di Giuseppe Di Bartolomeo and fu Grazia Cavalle
Test: Antonio Di Vico and Vincenzo Carusi

3. June 10, Donato Iannascoli*, contadino, 31
Figlio di Pasqaule Iannascoli* and Anna Silvania Di Risio*
Marries Carmina Paolini, 23
Figlia di Paolo Paolini and Anna Zopita Puccelli
Test: Fedelangelo Cirone, Paolo Carusi*

4. July 3, Saverio Nostriani, contadino, 29
Figlio di Giovanni Nostriani and Alesandrina Cardone
Marries Elisabetta Di Bartolomeo, Cupoli, 18
Figlia di Elenterio Di Bartolomeo, and Anna Rosa di Vico
Test: Fedelangelo Cirone, Saverio Cotellucci

5. September 21, Michele Risdonio, contadino, 26, Farindola
Figlio di Pasquale Risdonio and Caterina Pompili
Marries Giovanna Lacchetta, 26, Farindola
Figlia di Giuseppe Lacchetta and Florenza Lucerini
Test: Domenico Cirone and Filippo Frattarola

6. September 21, Blasio Basile, contadino, 30, Farindola
Figlio di fu Pietro and Costanza D’Angelo
Marries Donata Lepore, 32, Farindola
Figlia di Alfonzo Lepore and Domenica Paolini
Test: Vincenzo Carusi* and Sabbatino Pompili

7. September 28, Benedetto Cirone*, contadino, 32, Farindola
Figlio di Fabrizio Cirone* and Anna Saveria Lizza*
Marries Domenica Pompili, 23, Farindola
Figlia di Nicolantonio Pompili and Elenteria Iannascoli
Test: Vincenzo Carusi*, Fedelangelo Cirone

8. November 30, Francesco Di Bartolomeo, contadino, 48, Cupoli
Figlio di fu Stefano Di Bartolomeo and fu Marta Frattarola
Marries Maria Nicola Colangeli*, 29, Casabruciata
Fligia di Sabbatino Colangeli*, Maria Crocetta*
Test: Domenico Cirone and Filippo Frattaroli

9. November 30, Pietro Paolo Frattarola, 21, Cupoli
Figlio di Berardino Frattarola and Giovanna D’Agostino
Marries Angela Dea Collatto, 21, Cupoli
Figlia di Francesco Collatto and fu Domenica Iannascoli
Test: Filippo Frattarola and Fedelangelo Cirone

The * denotes ancestors and relatives in my family tree. –

1809 Farindola Morti


One of my quarantine projects has been going through the unindexed records in my ancestral towns in Italy.  Below is the fist batch.

Please note:  No parents are listed in the 1809 death records.  The number corresponds to the number of the record listed on Antenati.  In many cases, one of the men giving testimony is the father, the oldest living son, or the oldest living brother of the deceased.  The places of residence in Farindola of the deceased and the witnesses/test are listed.  Occupations of the witnesses/test are also included.  The starred names are in my tree.

1. Frasatti, Rosa, 70, 3 January, contrada della Madonna delle Grazie, Test: Massimo Antonio Frasatti, 40, Domenica Frasatti, 24, both same address, all contadini.

2. Ciarma, Pasquantonio, 80, 4 January, campagna nel luogo detto Tavo, Test: Luigi Ciarma, 53, Giovannia Ciarma, 46, both same address, all contadini.

3. Gambacorta, Anna Alberia, 65, 11 January, contrada Trosciano, Test: Alesandro Gambacorta, 40, Massimo Antonio Gambacorta, 35, same address, contadini.

4. Lucerini, Romoaldo*, 70, 8 February, artista, Porta delle Fonte, Test: Nicola Lucerini*, 40, artista, San Leonardo, Carmine Lucerini*, 70, contadino, Porta Farese

5. Di Venturo, Nicola Andrea, 8 months, 20 February, Cupoli Villa, Test: Gaetano Di Venturo, 37, Berardino Di Venturo, 34, same address, contadini

6. Cirone, Nicola, 5 months, 29 March, della Piazzetta, Test: Berardino Cirone, 63, Taccaro, same address, Andrea Pompili, 45, artista, Porta delle Fonte

7. Di Raimondo, Clemente, 11 months, 3 April, Cupoli Villa, Test: Nicolantonio Di Raimondo, 50, Benedetteo D’Agostino, 50, same address, contadini

8. Frasatto, Blasio, 80, 17 April, luogo detto la Madonna delle Grazie, Test: Donato Frasatto, 34, Cupoli Villa, Domenico Frasatto, 24, Cupoli Villa, all contadini

9. Frattarola, Anna, 82, 17 April, campagna luogo detto Tavo, Test: Luigi Ciarma, 53, Sabbatino Ciarma, 55, same address, contadini

10. Di Carlo, Pasqua, 1 year 5 months, 24 April, della Croceria, Test: Francesco Di Carlo, 54, Francesco Ferri, 53, same address, contadini

11. Pompili, Nicolantonio, 58, April 27, il Piano Sciotto, Test: Antonio Romagno, 46, artista, delle Fonte, Vincenzo Caruso*, 36, artista, l’Abbattazza

12. D’Agostino, Serafino, 6 years, 2 months, 9 May, il cupello, Test: Domenico D’Agostino,46, Silvestro Castagno, 50, same address, contadini

13. Cirone, Giuseppe, 83, 22 May, campagna nel luogo detto cannete, Test: Angelo Cirone, 40, Altobrando Cirone, 35, same address, contadini

14. Grilli, Sblendora, 13, 3 June, della Piazzetta, Test: Domenico Grilli, 44, Berardino Facioline, 70, same address, contadini

15. Mariani, Anna Cleria, 4, 13 June, campagna nel luogo detto Santa Maria, Test: Saverio Mariani, 45, Francesco Mariani, 20, same address, contadini

16. Pompili, Giovanni, 69, 14 June, contadino, detto il Piano Sciotto, Test: Domenico Lombardi, 46, taccaro, Giovanni Barbarosa, 50, contadino, same address

17. Di Blasio, Angela, 50, 23 June, Cupoli Villa, Test: Francesco di Bartolomeo, 48, Elenterio di Bartolomeo, 51, same address, contadini

18. Di Gregorio, Angela Dea, 2 days, 27 June, campagna nel luogo detto di Colli, Test: Pasquale Di Gregorio, 60, Zopito Di Gregorio, 30, same address, contadini

19. Ciarma, Desiderio, 8 months, 27 June, campagna nel luogo detto Tavo, Test: Ciarma, Giovanni, 41, Donato Ciarma, 39, same address, contadini

20. Lizza, Giovanni, 77, 27 June, Porta Farese, Test: Domenico Lizza, 39, Filippo Andrea Lizza, 30, same address, contadini

21. Ciarma, Eleonora, 1 year 4 months, 28 June, campagna nel luogo detto Tavo, Test: Giovanni Ciarma, 41, Donato Ciarma, 39, same address, contadini

22. Tardiani, Angela Rosa, 1, della Piazzetta, Test: Berardino Tardiani, 40, Pietrantonio Trizio, 50, same address, contadini

23. Pompili, Donato Antonio, 80, 8 July, San Leonardo, Test: Gesue Pompili, 42, Daniele Pompili, 30, same address, contadini

24. Falconetti, Nicola, 3, 10 July, della Piazzetta, Test: Ascenzio Falconetti, 33, Domenico Falconetti, 28, same address, contadini

25. Del Longo, Domenica, 75, 12 July, San Leonardo, Test: Giuseppe Giordano, 76, calzolaio, Giovanni Pulini, 21, calzolaio, same address

26. Di Venturo, Sabbatino, 34, 13 July, Cupoli Villa, Test: Berardino Di Venturo, 36, Nicolantonio D’Agostino, 42, same address, contadini

27. Chiarella, Vincenzo*, 4, 14 July, Fonte Marotta, Test: Antonio Chiarella*, 65, ferraro, Bernardo Chiarella*, 34, ferraro, same address

28. Tozzani, Antonio, 3, 17 July, Cupoli Villa, Test: Giuseppe Tozzani, 38, contadino, Saverio Marcucci, 60, fabricatore, same address

29. Tozzani, Berardino, 3, 19 July, Cupoli Villa, Test: Giuseppe Tozzani, 38, contadino, Saverio Marcucci, 60, fabricatore, same address

30. Iezzi, Felicia, 70, 19 July, Cupoli Villa, Test: Antonio Frattarola, 38, Pietro Marcucci, 42, contadini, same address

31. Ciarma, Anna Vincenza, 3, 20 July, campagna nel luogo detto di Tavo contrada, Test: Pietro Ciarma, 44, Ambrosio Ciarma, 70, contadini, same address

32. Frasatto, Francesco Paolo (in Bacucco), 60, 26 July, morto in campagna nel luogo detto Santa Cecilia dominio di questa comune, Test: Pietro Maone, 60, same address, Donata Colangeli, 20, dell Abbattazza, contadini

33. De Fabritiis, Rosaria, 70, 1 August, Porta Farese, Test: Domenico Sergiacomo, 30, contadino, della Piazzetta, Francesco Di Vico, 26, Benestante, Porta Farese

34. Ciarma, Massimo Nicola, 2, 1 August, campagna nel luogo detto Casabruciata, Test: Domenico Ciarma, 25, detto Tavo, Zopito Colangeli, 26, Casabruciata, contadini

35. Ciarma, Stefano, 6 months, 2 August, campagna nel luogo detto Tavo, Test: Pietro Ciarma, 36, Francesco Ciarma, 44, same address, contadini

36. Salzetta, Lorenzo, 5, 7 August, detto del Fosso, Test: Giacomo Salzetta, 77, Domenico Salzetta, 36, same address, contadini

37. Cirone, Sabbatino*, 1 year 8 months, 7 August, Porta Farese, Test: Vincenzo Cirone*, 25, fabricatore, Pietro Paolo Cirone*, 29, same address, contadini

38. Cirone, Maria Luisa, 8 months, 13 August, della Piazzetta, Test: Berardino Cirone, 63, taccaro, Luigi Cirone*, 28, artista, same address

39. Lacchetta, Tomaso, 6 months, 13 August, del Codacchio, Test: Domenico Lacchetta, 24, del Codacchio, Battista del Priore, 63, San Quirico, contadini

40. Basile, Pietro, 78, 16 August, della Porta del Molino, Test: Nicola Basile, 33, Blasio Basile, 30, same address, contadini

41. Capitanio, Laurenzia, 18 days, 27 August, Cupoli Villa, Test: Blasio Capitanio, 37, Tomaso Di Simone, 76, same address, contadini

42. Ciarma, Emiddio, 7 months, 31 August, campagna nel luogo detto Tavo, Test: Pietro Ciarma, 44, Francesco Ciarma, 38, same address, contadini

43. Cirone, Concenzio, 2, 4 September, la rua, Test: Andrea Cirone, 34, Domenico Del Priore, 42, artista, same address

44. Carusi, Maria Carolina*, 8 months, 9 September, San Leonardo, Test: Nicola Carusi*, 34, Cancelliere, Gaetano Carusi*, artista, same address

45. Cirone, Maria Carmela*, 2 months, 18 September, detto il conditto, Test: Vincenzo Cirone*, 30, contadino, Francesco Cirone*, 32, della Piazzetta, contadini

46. Maone, Nicolantonio, 36, 31 September, in Punte nel luogo detto la Rocca dominio in questa comune, Test: Donato Iannascoli, 15, Cupoli Villa, Pietro Francescone, 40, la Rocca, contadini

47. Di Vico, Anna Felice, 1 year 6 month, 26 September, campagna nel luogo detto Vallerecchione, Test: Nicola Di Vico, 50, Sabbatino Paolini, same address, contadini

48. Frattarola, Maria, 60, 30 September, Cupoli Villa, Test: Gesualdo de Juliis, 30, Agostino D’Agostino, same address, contadini

49. Cantagallo, Antonio, 6 months, 4 October, campagna nel luogo detto di Macelli, Test: Carmine Cantagallo, 50, Vincenzo Cantagallo, 50, same address, contadini

50. Cirone, Giovanni, 97, 24 October, della Piazzetta, Test: Vincenzo Cirone*, 27, artista, Luigi Cirone*, 30, artista, same address, contadini

51. Del Priore, Angela, 15 days, 1 November, Porta del Molino, Test: Diodato Del Priore, 30, Giacinto Mariani, 40, same address, contadini

52. Del Castello, Paolo, 41, 5 November, del Macello, Test: Serafino Di Francesco, 38, del Codacchio, Francesco Cirone, 32, della Piazzetta, contadini

53. Di Ventura, Francesco Antonio, 23 November, Villa Cupoli, Test: Berardino Di Ventura, 34, Nicolantonio D’ Agostino, 40, same address, contadini

54. Frattarola, Nicola, 36, 9 December, campagna nel luogo detto Trosciano, Test: Giovan Battista Del Priore, 60, San Quirico, Giovanni Barbarossa, 60, Porta del Molino, contadini

Source and link to the records:  Antenati

12 Months of My Family Tree in Print ~ April

This was a quiet month for my family when it came to the press.  However, you may remember the news coverage of a murder in Chicago which saw pictures of my great grandmother Helen Kirsch Ferraro blasted on the front pages of The Chicago Tribune and the home address of her parents Louis and Anna printed in the paper.

So, on April 5, 1907, she was mentioned on page 2 of The Chicago Tribune, because authorities in Brooklyn finally arrested the suspected murderer of Mrs. Louise Gentry Frank Constantine.

Here is a snippet of the headline on the front page of the paper that day:

page 1

As the coverage continued on page 2, she is mentioned in the following paragraphs:


Frank Constantine leapt to his death in prison after his conviction.  What a story the whole case was.

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