Today’s Anniversary ~ Maria Michela Cirone and Cesidio Merlenghi


Farindola – Today is the 120th wedding anniversary of Maria Michela Cirone and Cesidio Merlenghi.  Who are they?  They are the parents of my great grandmother Serafina Merlenghi.

Maria Michela Cirone was born in 1864 in Farindola and was the daughter of Antonio Cirone and Serafina Iannascoli.  Because my great grandmother was the oldest daughter, she was named after her maternal grandmother Serafina Iannascoli.


#9 Matrimonio, 1887 (first signature is Merlenghi Cesidio)


Cesidio Merlenghi was born at Fiano, Farindola in 1856 and was the son of Angelo Merlenghi and Maria Carmina Cirone.  Everyone on the marriage record was born in Farindola.  If you are reading this you may be wondering if Cesidio and Maria Michela were related because they both had a parent with the surname Cirone.  Unless they are 5th cousins or lower, they are not related.  I traced back behind Cesidio and Maria Michela four more generations and found no connections between these Cirone families.  In Cesidio’s mother’s ancestry, I traced back 5 more generations to a man that would be my 7th great grandfather named Annunzio Cirone and he would have been born about 1700 or earlier.  Maybe one day someone will trace all of the different Cirone families in Farindola.

I wanted to find a photo of Fiano where Cesidio was born.  I could only find it on a map.  So you see it is on the side of Farindola that is in current day Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.  I assume it is mountainous or forested.  Comments welcome.


Location of Fiano


Cesidio Merlenghi’s ancestors, going all the way back to at least my 7th great grandparents were born in Farindola.  The exception is Cesidio’s great grandmother, a midwife, named Maria Domenica Di Costanzo who was born in nearby Penne.  Maria Michela Cirone also had a great grandparent born in another town.  Her great grandfather Domenico Lorenzo Salvitti, was born in Fara San Martino, Chieti.  The surname is still in both Fara San Martino and Farindola today.  Domenico Lorenzo’s nephew Donato Salvitti eventually became the Mayor of Farindola.

Maria Michela and Cesidio had at least 6 children.  For more on the Merlenghi and Cirone, please read this older post.