Welcome to the Ferraro – Marcella Family History Blog.

Welcome to the Ferraro-Marcella Family History Blog.  I started this blog to share facts, findings, and stories of our ancestry in a place that everyone can easily access.

To start, my first cousin A.F. found all kinds of data in Chicago, Ohio, Ellis Island Foundation, and Ancestry.   Then Family Search, The National ArchivesNewspapers.com, Castle Garden, and court records were searched.  We exchanged data while living on separate continents.

I corresponded with municipal offices and provincial archives in Switzerland and Italy, county records offices in New York, Ohio, Chicago, a couple of dioceses in Ohio, historical societies, libraries, the Department of Justice, and a few cemeteries to obtain genealogical information.  I await more answers to correspondence from Switzerland and Italy.

On the Marcella side, I have been very lucky as a first generation in America.  I have been able to search a favorite site: Antenati, tracing back to several sets of 7 x great grandparents in Farindola and neighboring villages, including one 8 x great grandfather presumably born in the late 1600s, named Candeloro Sacchitti from Palombara, Castelli, Teramo, where they are famous for their maioleca ceramics.

Some research to be chronicled was compiled by Fr. John G. Leies, who extensively studied his German immigrant ancestors with the help of a cousin.


This photo dates to the 1960s and was taken before he visited the Middle East on an archaeological trip.  He loved all history.  He started his genealogical research as a teenager, and visited the church where his grandparents were baptized in Germany.  He interviewed his immigrant grandfathers and typed their stories out for the Ferraro branch, Leies branch, and Eckebrecht branch in his 80s before he passed away.

As for Cinziarosa, she was Cinziarosa Ciarma, a 6 x great grandmother on the Marcella side.  She is one of a handful of women on the Marcella side that has been traced to the early 1700s in Farindola, Pescara and she was an ancestor of Filippo Marcella.

She, Dorotea Frattaroli, Anna Maria Sargente, Domenica Marzola, Anna Saveria Lizza, Cecilia Cirone, Irene Lepore-the blog could be named after any one of these Farindolesi traced to the early 1700s…

or Paolina Perillo from San Valentino near Sarno, Salerno from the Ferraro side…

or Marie Anne Lauwiner from Ried, Valais, Switzerland also from the Ferraro side…

Lastly, remember the writings here are told to the best of my knowledge at the time by the facts presented and, may at any time be changed as new information is located and/or sent to the me.  If you are in the possession of new information or stories, please share it with me!!! 

Our ancestors possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.  – Thomas Jefferson