Photography Weekend

St. Catharines, Ontario – A few months ago my cousin shared some photos with me of my great grandparents Paolo Di Francesco and Luigia Maria Massei.  The photos are from Italy.  I may have met my great grandmother Luigia, although I do not remember her.  Her husband pictured, Paolo Di Francesco, died before I was born.

Paolo Di Francesco Military.png
Paolo Di Francesco, circa 1919

He was known for his looks.  There are definitely some family resemblances today.  Great grandfather Paolo served in the Italian Army after the first World War.  His older brother Alfonso, also in the military, died at the Second Battle of the Isonzo in 1915.

Great Grandparents Luigia Massei and Paolo Di Francesco, date unknown

My great grandparents were farmers.  Paolo died in Penne, Pescara in 1974.  Luigia died in the north of Italy where she had been living with my grandmother.  She has been pictured before.

Great Grandmother Luigia Massei




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