Brick Wall Wednesday: Artista Romoaldo Lucerini


FARINDOLA, PESCARA – Last Brick Wall Wednesday I mentioned the pedigree wall faced with the “padre incerto” child Anna Paola Lucerini in the Merlenghi line.  This time it is a different sort of wall with Anna Paola’s grandfather Romoaldo Lucerini.  When he died in 1809, his profession was listed as artista (artist).  His son Nicola was also an artista.

What was he an artist of?

The Merlenghis seem to have a few people in their ancestry that worked with their hands.  There were several builders and a carpenter.  Now Romoaldo, the artista.


The top part of Romoaldo’s death record (#4 Morti 1809, Farindola)


So again I ask….what was he an artist of?  How can I research his profession?  Did he paint?  Was he a sculptor?  Wood carver? What do you think his artistic talent was?  This is a frustrating wall! 

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