Grandma Ferraro’s French Connection

LORRAINE, FRANCE – Uncle John was right.  He mentioned several times in his research that there may be a tie in his Catholic ancestry to Alsace-Lorraine.  There definitely is a tie to Moselle, Lorraine in northeastern France where some of his Catholic ancestors lived in the late 1600s.  Grandma’s ancestor Jean Michel Conrad was born in 1697 in Schweyen, Lorraine and was baptized in the parish in Loutzviller, Moselle on December 3rd.  He is a 7th great grandfather to me.

Jean Michel was the son of Jean Gregor Conrad and Elisabeth Stauder.  His grandmother was Elisabeth Bruderle from Bliesbruck, Moselle.  Bliesbruck looks like quite the little, cute town with a Gallic-Roman archaeological park nearby that has re-enactments, and has an abundance of locally dyed wool if you would like to Google it…

The descendancy chart:


Those in red were all born in Moselle.

Moselle archives made parish records available online.  This is Jean Michel’s baptismal record:

Godparents were Jean Michel Mayer and Anna Maria Mousain

Schweyen is less than one mile from Hornbach, Germany where Jean Michel married 7th great grandmother Anna Apollonia Ziehl, daughter of Johann Christian Ziehl, a hofbestander zu Leichelbingen (farm manager in Leichelbingen) and Anna Maria Barbara from Dietrichingen.  Jean Michel and Anna Apollonia raised a family on a farm in the hamlet Monbijou that was part of nearby Leichelbingen, Germany.  It may have been the farm her father managed.  Doesn’t Monbijou sound French to you?  Their son, our ancestor Johann Jakob Conrad, died when a wagon drove over him.  Mamma mia!

I imagine that Jean Michel and Anna Apollonia spoke a Germanic language.  Also, Lorraine appears to be part of the German Empire in 1700.


So now Grandma’s Catholic side has ancestral ties to France and the Anabaptists of Canton Bern, Switzerland.  I am still hoping to find the origin of her maiden name.


Uncle John’s Grave

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The Anabaptists

Next up:  Who is the Daddy?


3 thoughts on “Grandma Ferraro’s French Connection

  1. Gabriel Marcella August 27, 2016 / 9:10 pm


    Great stuff. You might look into what was happening in Moselle around that time, to give context to Grandma Ferraro’s ancestor.




  2. AC August 27, 2016 / 10:57 pm

    I wonder if it was related to the 9 Years War.


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