The Rubeli/Rubly of Switzerland and the Rheinpfalz


I am looking for other descendants of Hans Theobald Rubeli born around 1660 in Aeschlen bei Oberdeissbach, Bern, Switzerland. Hans Theobald Rubeli and other members of his family emigrated to the Zweibrucken area of the Rhineland Palatinate, Germany in the late 1600s. Families that left Switzerland during this time period were usually fleeing religious persecution~~~ which I have yet to prove for Hans Theobald Rubeli’s family.

My Rubeli Ancestry in the American Leies Line


Hans Theobald Rubeli and his wife Anna had at least one son named Balthasar.  Balthasar used the name Rubly in Germany and was a Gerichtsshoeffe in or near Becchofen, Rhineland Palatinate. A Gerichtsshoeffe is a type of appointed justice of the peace.

The German Palatinate – Site for Religious Refugees During the 1600s


Members of this clan may emigrated to America before the Revolution.   I am trying to establish the connection between the American branch and Hans Theobald and his son Balthasar. Please comment or leave me a message at


~~~~It makes me sad to think that Uncle John never knew he had Swiss ancestry when he studied in Switzerland as a young man. – A


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