On this day in 1899 at 4 in the morning…

On this day in 1899 at 4:00 in the morning, Great Grandmother Maria Luigia (Luisetta) Massei was born in Macchie, Farindola.


I present to you the birth record of Maria Luigia Massei from the Archivio di Stato di Pescara:

Nati 1896, Massei Maria Luigia


Translating –

Number 37 Massei Maria Luigia:

The year 1899, day 17, of March at the 8th hour, in the municipal house.

In front of me, Clemente de Berardinis, Secretary Delegate of the Mayor here since July 17, 1895, Civil State Official of the Commune of Farindola, there appears Antonio Massei, of 36 years, farmer, living in Farindola, that admits to me that on the 4th hour, in the (blank) minute, of the 17th day of the current month, in house address Macchie, number (blank), to Angela Maria Di Massimo, his wife, with whom he resides.

There was born a baby of the feminine sex that he presents to me and who has been named Maria Luigia.

To the above in this document were present the witnesses Antonio Cardone, of 48 years, farmer, and Donato Pompei, of 60 years, contadino, both residents of this commune.

The act that I have written has been read to the present attendees because they are illiterate.

Signed –

Massei Antonio 

De Berardinis

Great great grandfather Antonio Massei was able to sign all of his children’s birth records and was likely educated. This is a guess accredited to the fact that he was the great grandson of Nicola Carusi, the former Cancelliere of Farindola.


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