Year 1630


1630:  The year of the oldest record found in any Ferraro line.

I present to you the baptismal record of Vincenza Paciello, 8 x great grandmother, dated November 17, 1630 from the church of San Felice Martire, from Casali San Felice, now called San Felice a Cancello, Caserta, Campania.

Front cover of the baptismal record book dated 1618 from San Felice Martire Church


1630 Baptismal Record of Vincenza Paciello


My attempt at this translation:

Vincenza Paciello, 17 November 1630, I, Tiberio Sforza, parish priest of San Felice baptized the daughter of Francesco Paciello and Giulia Trotta of this parish and she has been given the name Vincenza. The midwife was Brigida Migliore of this parish.

So Francesco Paciello and Giulia Trotta are 9 x great grandparents!  That makes them the 7 x great grandparents of Carmine Ferraro.  If Vincenza proves to be their oldest child they were probably born in the 1600s.  If she is a younger child, they may have been born in the late 1500s.  The online parish records for this town, currently named San Felice a Cancello, go back to the mid-1500s.  The Ferraro surname has also been traced to the mid-1600s here.  However, more research is needed.

Those that appreciate the study and origins of surnames may like the bit about Paciello in Cognomi Italiani .  It translates from the Latin phrase for “peace of heaven.”  The surname has been found in the names of employees from the Mint of the Kingdom of Naples dated 1401.


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