Another Week, Another Country. Discoveries in Germany in the Leies Line.

Alex Leies2


Southwestern Germany in the Rheinpfalz near the border with Alsace, France. A set of Grandmother Ferraro’s grandparents, Johann Leies and Emilia Bold, were both baptized in the same small village in the southwest of Germany in 1843 called Nuenschweiler.  They married in Ohio a few years after they had both been in America. Their two children Alexander Leies (our ancestor) and John Ferdinand Leies were born in Ohio. Johann and Emilia moved to Chicago sometime after the fire and lived on the same street as Emilia’s brothers while Johann opened and ran a saloon.   Later they owned a piano store.

By the way, those are not misspellings in the tree.  Johann Leies was baptized as L-E-I-E-S.  His father Johann Adam married as L-A-Y-E-S.  His father Henry appears in records as L-A-Y-S, L-A-I-S, L-E-I-S, and L-E-Y-E-S.

Back in Germany, the Leies family farmed in a hamlet known as Huberhof. Emilia’s father and mother came from the nearby town of Robalden. Emilia’s parents’ marriage record, as well as various other Catholic church records in Latin from Nuenschweiler, have revealed that Emilia’s father Jacob was a schoolteacher. In fact, he signed a marriage record for an illegitimate bride as the school headmaster of Nuenschweiler.

Jacob Bold

3 x ggf Jacob Bold’s signature and title

That makes Grandmother Ferraro’s great grandfather the school headmaster of Nuenschweiler and makes the Bolds a very interesting branch of her family.


5 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Country. Discoveries in Germany in the Leies Line.

  1. Just Pleies May 23, 2016 / 9:47 am

    Very interesting – I am researching the Leies’ from NY. Ive heard Leies’ from my side came from Alsace also. I also think there is a BOLD on my fathers side also.

    Thanks for all this info.


    • AC May 23, 2016 / 11:25 am

      Hi. I had heard that my ancestor may have had a sibling that went to NY. I have found a lot more since that post on the Leies. I invite you to read Grandma had Mennonite Ancestors in my blog. The bottom half is about Leies. I have them traced back to the late 1600s. I can share my Leies records with you from the churches in RP. Thank you. Please feel free to email me at -A


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