Paolo Carusi, Writer and Landowner, Brother to a Conte

Paolo Carusi, Writer and Landowner, Brother to a Conte


6 x great grandfather Paolo Carusi was born in the middle 1740s in Farindola to Leonardo Carusi and Dorotea Frattaroli. He had at least two brothers.  Paolo was a scritturale (writer) and a proprietario (landowner.) His oldest brother was Conte (Count) Claudio Carusi. Conte Claudio Carusi was an artista (artist) and a scultore (sculptor). Does this mean then that Paolo’s father Leonardo Carusi was a Conte? Perhaps. Paolo’s other brother Emidio was a taccaro and he worked with wood. It is believed he either was a carpenter or a wood-carver of some sort.


What did Paolo Carusi write? Was he an author?  Maybe a scribe. Remember he was the father of Farindola Cancelliere Nicola Carusi. Could his “writing” have something to do with Farindola town hall like his son’s profession?  From 1810-1812 Paolo’s profession appeared on many civil records in Farindola as a witness with his profession listed as “scritturale.” In 1812 Paolo Carusi signed underneath the mayor’s signature on the town document regarding the purchasing of an organ for the Chiesa Parrocchiale San Nicola di Bari. His title on that document was signed as Decurione Consigliere.

Paolo Carusi signed as a witness on the birth record of Vincenzo Marcelli(a), older brother of 3 x great grandfather Massimo Nicola Marcella in 1812. On that day, the person recording the birth wrote Paolo’s profession as proprietario or landowner. From 1814-1817 Paolo Carusi again appears on many civil records as a witness with a profession of proprietario and possidente. Possidente is another translation for landowner. His place of residence in Farindola is Rione or Strada di San Leonardo. Today, the Strada San Leonardo is in the village of Farindola itself on the hill inside the village walls.

Paolo married Anna Balsamo from Loreto Aprutino, a neighboring village. She too was likely born in the middle 1740s. Her parents’ names are unknown at this point. There are no Balsamo left in Loreto Aprutino. It is not a common Abruzzese name and is more common to areas south of Abruzzo. However, in the first half of the 1800s, Loreto Aprutino had Carusi living there and they too were landowners. Therefore, I believe Paolo Carusi’s connection to Loreto Aprutino through his wife Anna Balsamo shows a strong likelihood that the wealthy landowning Carusi in Loreto Aprutino are likely relations of the landowning Carusi in Farindola.

Paolo and Anna had at least 5 children. All except one seemed to inherit wealth:

-Our 5 x great grandfather the Cancelliere and Civile Nicola Carusi m. Giovanna Marzola

-Gaetano Carusi, proprietario m. Giuseppa Pompili

-Benedetto Carusi, farmer m. Rosina Di Luca

-Donato Carusi, proprietario m. Angelica Dell’Orso

-Serafina Carusi, proprietario in her own right m. Antonio Cirone

Paolo Carusi died in 1820 in his 80s.  Anna Balsamo died the next year, also in her 80s.

Our ancestry direct back to 7 x great grandparents Leonardo Carusi and Dorotea Frattaroli is thus:



According to Cognomi Italiani, the core of Carusi are in Abruzzo. Don’t confuse Carusi with the very common Caruso.  There is more digging to do on the Carusi of Farindola…



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