On This Day in 1878

On this day in 1878 at 9:30 am, Carmine Costantino Girolamo Angelo Ferraro was born in the Montecalvario section of Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters) of Naples, Italy.

I present to you his birth act from the Civil Archives of the Comune of Naples:




Number 1213

Ferraro, Carmine


In the year 1878, day 21 of the month of November at the ante meridian hour 11 and 2 minutes in the municipal office.

In front of me, Giovanni Terinchera, Vice Mayor’s Delegate since last September 3rd, Civil Officer of the Comune of Montecalvario.

There appears Angelo Ferraro, of 37 years, merchant, living in this city, that admits to me at the ante meridian hour 9 and 30 minutes of the 20th day of the current month, in the house on Pignasecca Street, number 16, by Filomena Napolitano, of 29 years, his wife with whom he resides, was born a baby of the masculine sex, in my presence he gives the name


Carmine Costantino Girolamo Angelo.


To the above in this document were present the witnesses Costantino Vaccaro, of 40 years, cowboy, and Girolamo Mignatti, of 36 years, servant, both residing in this comune.

So said, hereby signed.


Angelo Ferraro

Vaccaro Costantino

Mignatti Girolamo







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