Nicola Carusi, Cancelliere di Comune di Farindola 1809-1817

Nicola Carusi, Cancelliere di Comune di Farindola 1809-1817


Comune di Farindola, PE

5 x great grandfather Nicola Carusi, Cancelliere, was born in Farindola around 1777 to Signor Paolo Carusi and Anna Balsamo. He is an ancestor through Nonna’s mother’s line. Nicola Carusi’s bore titles of Cancelliere and Segretario.


One of his many official John Hancocks

The Cancelliere was the official town archivist/president of the civil court. Taken from a name used in Roman times, his duties are that of the town’s chief scribe. The Segretario was a delegate of the mayor and could perform certain duties in his absence. One must have been educated to hold these duties, i.e. read, speak, and write the Italian language in a town where most citizens spoke the local dialect. He would have been appointed by the town’s council, not elected. As Cancelliere he was charged with verifying single civil record in the town after the parties, witnesses, and mayor signed them and as such, signed every single document in all of the town record books for the Comune di Farindola from at least 1809 to his death in 1817. Only he had the power to correct and change records. The year before his death he signed the birth record of his son Sabatino Carlo and later verified it as official.

Why is it important that he was verifying every single civil record in the early 1800s in Farindola? Before 1809 the Catholic Church was the official record keeper. Napoleon set up the new system of record – keeping it assigned to the towns, villages, and cities. So an officer of the court or mayor wrote down the names and surnames how they sounded and while most townsfolk at that time were illiterate, the officer of the mayor or his delegate determined how the names would be spelled. The Cancelliere, after that fact, signed it for verification for record keeping purposes and for future reference. Every single genealogical record of the Farindola ancestors from the time period 1809 to February 12, 1817 was signed for verification purposes by Nicola Carusi our ancestor. Open up any document you would like right here on Antenati and see for yourself.


The birth record of Massimo Nicola Marcella – 3 x Great Grandfather – signed by Nicola, 1814

I am not happy he left Marcella as Marcelli but Nonna his descendant married Nonno making him our direct ancestor.


The death record of Nicolantonio Cirone – 6 x Great Grandfather – signed by Nicola, 1810

Nicola Carusi married another Farindola born lady Giovanna Marzola.* It is through their second eldest child, Francesca Innocenza Paola Carusi, that we descend direct from the Cancelliere.

Francesca was widowed twice when she met Sabatino Massei and was ten years his senior. When she was 20 she married a carpenter named Desiderio Gabriele Riccitelli. He died less than a year later. They had no children. When she was 26 she married Nicola Romagna, another carpenter. He died 5 years later and they had no children.

Finally when she was 33 she married 23 year old farmer Sabatino Massei, son of Massimantonio Massei and Maria Giuseppa of the 3 last names Imbastaro/Scaramuzza/D’Angelo. Even though she was the daughter and granddaughter of rich men the arrangement may not have appeared a good one to Sabatino because she and her two previous husbands had failed to produce children. One calendar year after their marriage on February 9, 1832, Costantino Massei, our 3 x great grandfather was born. Francesca Carusi and Sabatino Massei went on to have four children total – 3 boys and 1 girl – and lived a long life together in Macchie, Farindola.

Most of the other children of Nicola Carusi and Giovanna Marzola had interesting jobs for the Comune di Farindola and were also landowners. They are as follows:

Tomassina Carusi – Levatrice/Ostetrice – midwife, Ricevitrice di Proietti, Receiver of the Foundlings, never married

Camillo Carusi – Proprietario-landowner, Usciere – bailiff, married Antonia Magnanimi

Giovan Luigi Carusi – L’Assessiore per Sindaco – Delegate of the Mayor, ferraro – blacksmith, Fattore – land steward, Proprietario – landowner. Married Angeladea Marcella (she is not in any of our Marcella lines.)

Maria Michele Carusi – married Nicola Giambattoni

Mario Giuseppe Carusi – Segretario – mayor’s delegate, Proprietario – landowner. Married Maria Di Francesco. (She is not in any of our Di Francesco lines.)

Sabatino Carlo – Ferraro – blacksmith, Mugnaio – miller. Married Antonia Riccitelli.

Now when he died in an epidemic that swept through the Province of Pescara in 1817, the mayor’s delegate or mayor wrote his profession as “civile” meaning he was a non-noble landowner who left the supervision of his estate to others. He also was the son of a landowner that had very interesting siblings.  The last record Nicola Carusi signed was a death record on February 12, 1817. He died a few weeks later leaving land to his sons.

Stay tuned on the Carusi…

*Giovanna Marzola’s parents are also direct ancestors of Great Grandmother Serafina Merlenghi.

Sources: 1809-1817 Stato Civile, Provincia di Pescara, Antenati

1810 Morti, 1814 Nati, 1817 Morti


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