Heinzen Familie von Ried-Brig, Valais, Switzerland

Heinzen Familie von Ried-Brig, Valais, Switzerland ~ ~ The past few days I have received emails from Bern Switzerland regarding the Heinzen Familie von Ried-Brig, Valais, Switzerland. Mr. Heinzen has been trying to figure out if his branch of Heinzen from Brig and Naters may be related to great great grandmother Anne Aloyse Heinzen.


He sent some historical information on the name:


Rough Translation:  The name comes from Christian names Heinz, The family comes from Lalden, Valais, Switzerland as it recorded in the 14th century under the name Heinricher and Henrici. The Heinzen version is recorded around 1583 with Altburger in Ried and can be detected in Brigerberg (Brig) already in the year 1389.

He says  “Today, there are still about 4 branches : Three of them are still mostly in Ried-Brig and the fourth branch in Brig.”

Mr. Heinzen believes the 4th branch is our branch.

Also, he sent this information on the Lauwiner Familie. Marie Anne Lauwiner is a 5 x great grandmother from Lingwurn, Ried and the wife of Francois Gentinetta from Bognanco, Piemonte, Italy.


Rough Translation: In the 17th century of family Antillo (Antilles) was named after their place of residence Lowina or Lowiner. The Antillo or Antilles family is already in 1391 Brig and is documented, so it is a very old Brigerberger Burger Family.

Burger is High German for middle-class, merchant, etc. Lowina is a tiny village near the Simplon Pass on the border Switzerland.

Looks like the Heinzens have been in the valley near the Simplon Pass for a long time while the Lauwiners descend from Antillo living in the same area since the 14th century.

What great information our potential cousin has sent!



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